Computer Architecture

CMPE550 Fall 2014

Class Project

Monday, December 8 1:00-2:50PM
Room GLE 9/2139
(Email talks by 2:00PM Friday December 5 )

- Presenters Topic
1 Gault, Ryan
Mistretta, Jared
Automata Processor (Micron)
2 Chianucci, Daniel
Muller, Peter
Architecture of The Nintendo 64
3 Dias, Gregory
Wilson, Alexander
4 Bremner, Raymond
Dodge, Raymond
High-Level Language Architectures

Wednesday, December 10 1:00-2:50PM
Room GLE 9/2139
(Email talks by 2:00PM Tuesday December 9)

- Presenters Topic
1 Fiorenza, Michael
Le, Tien
Raspberry Pi
2 Dimmig, Brent
Repka, Paul
Architecture of the BeagleBone Black (ARM Cortex-A8)
3 Gupta, Vasu DSP Architecture
4 Carlstedt, Andrew
Francois, Avery

Thursday, December 11 1:00-2:50PM
Room GLE 9/2139
(Email talks by 2:00PM Wednesday December 10)

- Presenters Topic
1 Brown, Maximilian
Shuman, Patrick
Architecture of The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super NES)
2 Reed, Suzanne
Trova, Lisa
Memory Latency Reduction with MRAM
3 Goss, Connor
Medel, Jefferson
Architecture of AMD APUs
4 Chen, Tony
Greaves, Jason
AMD Graphics Core Next

Project papers due 2:00pm Monday December 15.
Email the paper and leave a hard copy under my office door (9/3469)