Multiple Processor

CMPE655 Fall 2015

Class Project

5:00 PM Thursday December 10
Room (GLE) 9/3149
(Email talks by 2:00 PM Wednesday, December 9)

- Presenters Topic
1 Gadiyam, Chaithanya
Jadhav, Swapnil
CUDA Programming Model
2 Akkati, Karthikreddy
Gankat, Anurag
SoC-Based Multiprocessors
3 Adekhandi-Sridhara, Prashanth
Ravishankar, Rakshith
Cache Coherence in Multiprocessor SoCs
4 Mehta, Haard
Shenoy Manur, Deekshith
CyberPhysical-System-On-Chip (CPSoC)

5:00 PM Tuesday December 15
Room (GLE) 9/3149
(Email talks by 2:00 PM Monday, December 14)

- Presenters Topic
1 Barlow, Nicholas
Brown, Maximilian
2 Sathawane, Mohit
Yembarwar, Akshay
Memory/Resource Management For Multiprocessor Systems
3 Chandrasekaran, Siva
Umamaheswaran, Sree
NoC Architectures
4 Chawla, Harshdeep Many-Cores vs. Many-Threads Machines

Project papers due at the time of the second presentations.
Email the paper and bring a hard copy to the talks.