EECC250 Winter 1999

Assignment #2

Due Friday, February, 11

Solve the following exercises in the textbook (68000 Family Assembly Language):

  1. Chapter 1:

      Exercise:  16

  2. Chapter 5:

      Exercises:  12, 16

  3. Chapter 6:

      Exercises:  2, 5, 8

  4. Chapter 7:

      Exercises:  1, 7

  5. Chapter 8:

      Exercises:  6, 7

  6. Chapter 9:

      Exercise:  5

  7. Chapter 10:

      Exercises:  5, 6

  8. The following 68000 program, presented in class on 12-1-99, reverses the contents of a string that ends with 0 and stored in memory starting at address label String:
            LEA      String,A1   Point to the beginning of the string
    Loop1   TST.B    (A1)+       Move to the end of the string
            BNE      Loop1       Until the EOS is encountered
            SUBA     #1,A1       Back up to the EOS
            LEA      String,A0   Make A0 point to the beginning
    Loop2   MOVE.B   -(A1),D0    Save the bottom byte
            CMPA.L   A1,A0       If A0 has reached or passed A1
            BHS      Exit        Then the string is reversed
            MOVE.B   (A0),(A1)   Move the top to the bottom byte
            MOVE.B   D0,(A0)+    Move the previously saved bottom byte to the top byte
            BRA      Loop2       Loop back for another byte
    Exit    STOP     #$2700
    Assuming a string length of 50000 bytes, calculate the average number of cycles per instruction (CPI) for the above code, and calculate the program execution time in seconds when run on a 68000 CPU running at a clock rate of 16 MHz.