EECC756 Spring 1999

Class Projects

  1. Chess Problem Solver Project, Chris Brown, (PDF),  (DOC),  presentation(PPT).

  2. A Review of "Customized Dynamic Load Balancing for a Network of Workstations", Jacqueline Ewell, (PDF),  (DOC),  presentation(PPT).

  3. Load Balancing In Concurrent Parallel Applications, Jeff Figler, (PDF),  (DOC),  presentation(PPT).

  4. Architectural Complexity: Opening the Black Box for Debugging, Victor Hannak, (PDF),  (DOC),  presentation(PPT).

  5. Distributed Computing: PVM, MPI, and MOSIX, Judd Jenne, (PDF),  (DOC),  presentation(PPT).

  6. Using an ATM LAN for PVM Computing, Adam Lange-Pearson, (PDF)

  7. Survey of Parallel Software Models, David McGann, (PDF),  (DOC),  presentation(PPT).

  8. Strategies for Implementing Dynamic Load Sharing, Eugene Rotter, (PDF),  (DOC),  presentation(PPT).

  9. Parallel Algorithm Development for a Specific Machine (INMOS T800 Transputer), William Staub, (PDF),  (DOC),  presentation(DOC)

  10. Computational Grids, Aaron Witt, (PDF),  (DOC),  presentation(PPT).

  11. An Overview of Myrinet, Ralph Zajac, (PDF),  presentation(PPT).